For young children(12inch~18inch)

・For boys
・For girls

Bike of this size will be a bicycle with all auxiliary wheel. Please contact us if auxiliary wheel is not required at the store. Also, it is as an option (sold separately) with respect to key and headlight.

Boys and Girls(20inch~26inch)

・For boys
・For girls

Children's bicycles are single gear and exterior 6-speed. All models one stand, headlight, the key I is equipped with the standard.

A typical bicycle(24inch~27inch)

・City riding bicycle
・Arban riding bicycle

A typical bicycle of convenience is intact, is the bicycle to ride to the more sporty. Optional parts also are many things that can be used for general purposes, it is the most perfect bicycle in everyday use.

Sports riding bicycle

・Cross Bike
・Road Bike
・Mountain Bike

Speed and the emphasis on road bike, it is a sport bike, such as a cross bike that combines some of the undulating mountain bike also does not also things, the characteristics of both the load and the Mountain. It is even fun to remodel to your own bike in a variety of optional parts.

Other bicycles

・Folding Bike
・For commuting
・Tricycle for adults
・Banbari Bike
・2-seater bicycle

Folding bike or sports type of bicycle, such as the rare beach cruiser, please looking for a single commitment.